National Seminar on ‘Sustaining Agriculture through Organic Farming’ Department of Applied Science (Chemistry Group) organized one day seminar on the theme of ‘SUSTAINING AGRICULTURE THROUGH ORGANIC FARMING’
CU organized “Communication with Authors” Reflections Club of University School of Business (USB) at Chandigarh University organized a program “Communication with Authors” on 28/8/1014 in the University campus.
Workshop on Tools and Techniques used for Data Analysis University Institute of Teachers Training and Research and University School of Business organized 5 days workshop on Tools and Techniques used for Data Analysis through Research Software.
International Photography Day celebrated at CU Chandigarh University celebrated International Photography Day. This day marks 175 years of photography and its versatility.
Workshop on Grooming by Villa Hair Sense The fact is that “We Are What We Do and What We Wear”.